Fundraising Best Practices with HandUp

Hear tips, tricks and best practices from the top nonprofits across the U.S. 

Webinar Series: How to launch a successful online fundraising campaign

Are you considered launching an online campaign but aren't sure where to get started? We've put together a webinar series covering 3 key topics you'll want to focus on when putting together your campaign: 

  • Crafting & Planning your Campaign
  • Email Marketing Strategy 
  • Social Media Strategy

The HandUp Campaign Product Demo

Get a deep dive walkthrough of the HandUp platform and learn how we can support you in your online fundraising goals.


The Secret to Converting Donors in Email

Learn how San Francisco's Project Homeless Connect crowdfunded over $30k by leveraging the power of email


Engage and Grow your Online Donor Base

Learn how South Oakland Shelter engaged donors online with HandUp to raise Over $67,000 for gap needs

Webinar Series: Creative Solutions to Landlord Engagement

How to raise funding and work with landlords to house your clients

Engaging landlords is key to any successful housing first strategy. Often one of the most challenging steps to working with landlords involves the creation of a mitigation fund, incentive program, or damage deposit fund. In this two part webinar series, we’ll hear from providers across three different communities who have used very different approaches.

How to Hit Your EOY Fundraising Goals

Learn best practices from HandUp partner Compass Family Services to help you make the most of holiday fundraising


Case Study: Housing First and Utah County

How United Way Utah County raised $35,645 for housing first programs with handup campaigns


The Nonprofit Crowdfunding Checklist

The ultimate five week crowdfunding plan for communications, social media, and donor engagement