Your donations on HandUp are now tax deductible

Since day one, generous donors like you have helped raise money for critical basic needs on HandUp. You give without expectations and you give without any added tax benefits. Starting now, your donations on HandUp to individuals, nonprofit campaigns, and nonprofit partner funds are tax deductible.

With your donation you’ll receive the needed tax ID number in the donation receipt for your end of year records.

Why wasn’t my donation tax deductible before?

HandUp is a Public Benefit Corporation (read more on why here) which is a for-profit, for good corporate entity. The way we originally distributed your donations to our partners did not allow us to provide a tax donation receipt. Now with our new fund distribution system, powered by Stripe, your donation goes directly to the nonprofit partner and allows you to receive a tax donation receipt. Your donation still reaches the intended recipient as it always has.

At this time, HandUp Gift Cards, and donations to our National and San Francisco funds are not tax deductible.

Have questions? Don’t hesitate to reach out to our team at This is a big milestone for us! Thank you for your continued support as we grow HandUp and serve more neighbors in need.

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