What Can You Do With HandUp Fundraisers?

Since January 2016 HandUp Campaigns have been helping nonprofit organizations raise money online to support their missions, and that couldn’t have happened without generous donors like you. That’s why we launched an exciting new product to help you do more, HandUp Fundraisers. Fundraisers is a tool that allows you to advocate and raise funds on behalf of a currently running HandUp Campaign. Through Fundraisers, we wanted to give you a way to go beyond giving and be more directly involved with the causes you support. Now you can become a champion for any HandUp Campaign, maximizing your impact through “peer-to-peer fundraising”.

When we finished building Fundraisers I couldn’t wait to try it out myself. Making a donation to an organization really can change lives, we see that every day at HandUp. But I wanted to try something new, I wanted to rally my network for a particular cause, Code Tenderloin’s Summer Campaign, which stood out to me personally for many reasons.

The Tenderloin is one of San Francisco’s poorest, most ethnically diverse and densely populated neighborhoods. In recent years the community has been at a crossroads with the influx of tech companies moving into the area, at times causing conflict. It’s this divide that Del Seymour, who spent 18 years homeless on the streets of the Tenderloin, is trying to bridge. He started Code Tenderloin to help people in the community and other struggling neighborhoods get jobs at tech companies. Right now Code Tenderloin is running a HandUp Campaign to raise $50,000 for their intense job readiness and coding courses.

As an engineer myself, I feel strongly about increasing access to software engineering as a skill and growing a more inclusive tech community. Future projections say that being able to code will be increasingly valuable making it an influential tool for empowering people. I also used to live and work around mid-market and I still feel a strong connection to the area. In fact my experiences in the neighborhood during that time were a significant factor in my decision to join the team at HandUp. I also wanted more of my friends and connections to know about Del’s great program and support it too, and a Fundraiser would allow them to do this. All things combined, Code Tenderloin strikes a chord with me and their HandUp Campaign was the one I chose to support.

How Can You Start Your Own Fundraiser? 

Everyone wants to help, but time is limited - with that in mind, we designed and built Fundraisers to be quick and simple. All you have to do is click the “Create A Fundraiser” button on the page of the HandUp Campaign you want to support. It’s that easy.

Most of us don’t have fundraising experience either, that’s why we give you a little help from the experts. Each Fundraiser pulls information directly from the detailed Campaign put together by our nonprofit partners, so that you get right to making an impact. However, if you’re feeling inspired you do have complete control to customize the “Headline” or the “Story” to let people know what you’re fundraising for and why. Adding a personal twist like this is a great way to engage people.

fundraisers customize.JPG

You can also change the "Fundraising Goal" Fundraiser to an amount that’s more manageable for you, like I did. Code Tenderloin’s goal of $50,000 is a little bit beyond my fundraising ability, but I’m confident I can rally $1,000 to feed directly into their greater goal. As soon as you click the “Save” button, any edits you make are published immediately. You can see my Fundraiser here. 

After a bit of customization, my Fundraiser was ready to share with the world. Luckily the social sharing tools on your Fundraiser’s page make this really simple. We suggest email and Facebook as two of the most effective ways to reach potential donors, but anything that gets your cause out there is good. Reaching out to specific people with an individual message is the best though. I had told my friend Jim about the Code Tenderloin campaign on HandUp because he lives in the Tenderloin and cares about economic equality. Now I can share my personal Fundraiser with him and we can take action together.

Take a look at our active Campaigns and see if there’s a cause you want to support!