The HandUp Detroit $15,000 Fundraising Campaign Starts Now. Together, Nine Nonprofits can End Homelessness in the Motor City

A proud grandfather unable to find work because he cannot afford to get his driver’s license.

A pregnant mother of three who needs to pay off old debt to get housing before her baby is due.

A loving father, experiencing homelessness, seeking to rebuild his life and become the dad he never had.

These are only a few of the lives the HandUp Detroit Collaborative is hoping to change through its second-annual
End Homelessness in the Motor City campaign kicking off today at

And the collaborative comprised of nine nonprofits in Detroit and Oakland County needs your help to make that happen.

With a fundraising goal of $15,000, the month-long effort is seeking to raise money to meet the critical needs of metro Detroit’s homeless expenses that aren’t covered by existing resources.

“Our 2017 campaign removed hurdles for over 60 families who moved from homeless to housed.” says Abby Adair, HandUp Detroit coordinator.

“Costs associated with moving, such as security deposits, furniture, and utility bills were all covered by donations to the fund. Our 2018 campaign will be used for the same purpose, to end homelessness for even more families in Detroit and Oakland County.”

For people seeking assistance through HandUp Detroit, a little help can make a huge difference.

That was the case for Milan, a mother of four in Detroit who needed $500 to pay mounting utility costs after she was injured in a car accident and no longer able to work her two catering jobs.

When the accident happened, she and her family had already come so far. They experienced homelessness years before after fleeing their home because of ongoing domestic violence

“I was in a verbally, mentally and physically abusive relationship for 10 years,” she says. “My children made me realize that this was not okay and I had to protect myself and them.”

But thanks to HandUp Detroit’s crowd-funding site, donors answered her plea for help.

“Thank you to everyone who donated to my cause,” Milan says. “My utilities are now on and I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders.”

With one more hurdle out of the way, Milan can focus on building a brighter future for her family.

“I want my babies to be successful and safe. I don't ever want them going through what I did,” she says. “I hope for stability and a quality education for my children. I want to see my kids reach their full potential!”

You, too, can make a life-changing difference through HandUp Detroit’s campaign to End Homelessness in the Motor City. To donate, go to

The campaign ends March 31, so don’t delay … do a world of good with your dollars today!

HandUp Detroit is the first collaborative of its kind in the region and includes four agencies from Detroit and five from Oakland County: Central City Integrated Health (CCIH), COTS (Coalition on Temporary Shelter), Community & Home Supports, Community Housing Network, Mariners Inn, Neighborhood Legal Services Michigan, Neighborhood Service Organization (NSO), South Oakland Shelter, and Travelers Aid Society of Metro Detroit (TASMD).

The nine HandUp Detroit partners who are collaborating on the End Homelessness in the Motor City Campaign

The nine HandUp Detroit partners who are collaborating on the End Homelessness in the Motor City Campaign