Housing First in the Bay Area

The “housing first” approach to ending homelessness has been widely adopted across the US in recent years. The principle is simple: help people experiencing homelessness move into stable housing as a first intervention. From there, the individual will be much better equipped to tackle other challenges like finding a job, seeking mental health therapy, or reducing substance abuse. Without a home, addressing other basic needs can be nearly impossible.

But how do you apply this model in one of the most expensive real estate markets in the country? Abode Services, HandUp’s first South Bay partner, is defying odds and helping their program participants find and keep housing with a success rate of 92%.

Abode Services believes everyone should have a home. By making this their proactive approach, they aim to: reduce housing costs for their participants, change government policy to increase affordable housing stock, and continue to develop their own supportive housing units in the community. Once they place participants in housing, the next important step is to make a participant’s residence a true home by adding important –  yet often costly – household items.

Abode is raising $30,000 on HandUp to pay for critical items that provide further stability for new residents – things like beds, kitchen utensils, cleaning supplies, baby cribs, and even move-in costs in increasingly expensive Bay Area communities.

Watch a powerful video from the Abode team and support the campaign now: 

To support this campaign visit: https://handup.org/campaigns/makeahouseahome