Support Beyond Dollars: Follow and Send Words of Encouragement on HandUp Profiles

“I feel so much love and support, and that’s what I really need, it’s what really counts. Thank you for being our donor, thank you for your love and support today.” - Julianne

HandUp is a way for our community to share their stories and dreams, and work toward their goals with the help of donors like you. Beyond the financial contribution, HandUp donors help to expand the network of support that people need so much during challenging times. You, our community, asked for more ways to communicate, so we built two new features that make it easier for everyone to connect.

Connect on the Profile Timeline

Use the new profile timeline to send a direct message to someone in need. Once they receive the message (through text, email, or their case manager), they can respond and it appears as a reply on the timeline. Often we hear from our members that those words of encouragement are just as valuable as the donation itself - this is an easy way to make a big difference in someone’s day.


Follow HandUp Stories

Follow someone’s story to show your support and receive updates on their progress. We hear from donors that they look through many HandUp profiles, but donate to the National Fund. Now, you can also be a part of many peoples’ journeys just by following their story on their profile.

Every donation and kind message makes a difference in someone’s life. Meet the HandUp community.