Rose Speaks at TEDxMarketStreet

A few months back, our CEO Rose Broome took the stage at TEDxMarketStreet, a San Francisco TEDx event on the theme of Civic Innovation. Rose talks about the night that lead her to conceive of the idea for HandUp, and asks the audience, “Why in a society with so much wealth, so much innovation and new technology, and such deep compassion - why do we still have people sleeping on our streets at night?”

Looking forward, Rose points out that “the future is a function of our imagination. And if we’re only imagining a future of self-driving cars, then that’s the future that we’re going to create.” She calls on those who are building and funding the future to decide, too, that poverty is intolerable as part of our imagined future. It’s a powerful talk and we couldn’t be more proud of her.

Take a peek at the talk below, and share it to help spread the word about HandUp and our work, alongside our community partners. And let’s work together to create that brighter future!