Meet Sandra and Robert: a thank you that made our day

HandUp members Sandra and Robert Absher wrote a beautiful thank you message and asked us to share it with you:

In December 2013, my boyfriend and I signed up for HandUp. Since then, we have gotten permanent housing, transportation, and many household items as well as food and clothing.

HandUp is not a charity, it is a tool that we can use to advocate for ourselves. It’s about what we need, no hand outs. Just a hand up to pull us out of the corner. You aren’t just investing in us, you are proving that humans can and still do care. For some, you’re making a dream come true, for others you are helping with basic necessities: eyes, teeth, housing, transportation… the list is endless. I feel it takes more pride to ask for help than it does to sit and suffer. This program is unique. It deserves more time from others wishing to invest.

My grandmother once told me “What goes around comes around.” All of you sure do have lots of good coming for you.

Thank you,
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Absher”