Lesley’s Path from Homelessness to Employment

In 2013, Lesley was sleeping under an overpass in San Francisco, months away from becoming a mother for the first time. Following a terrible physical assault, Lesley lost her job and was homeless. She found temporary housing through a women’s shelter and connected to Project Homeless Connect, where she set up a HandUp profile to help meet a few immediate basic needs.

On HandUp, Lesley fundraised for much needed items like clothing for herself, toiletries and blankets for her new baby. In April 2014 she gave birth to a beautiful girl.

Her next goal focused on getting back to work but the first step was updating her resume and equipping herself to do the job search. Thanks to HandUp donors Lesley met her goal to purchase a tablet to achieve her career goals.

In April this year, Lesley began interviewing for retail positions. With your support, she purchased the clothing she needed to present her best at the upcoming interviews.

It was definitely hard work, but Lesley never stopped moving forward to meet her big goal.

Lesley's hard work paid off and in June she started a brand new job! 

We are so proud of you Lesley, congratulations on this huge milestone!

Lesley is still fundraising to to help with moving expenses as she finds a place to call home permanently for her and her daughter. You can support her goals below.