After a Year Homeless in San Francisco, Nerissa Settles Her Family into Their New Home

Nerissa has a dream to one day open her own vegan bar and kitchen, inspired by her two sons' dietary restrictions. Her young boys, Nerissa describes as “high-energy”, are now three and five, For the last year, Nerissa and her sons have been homeless, living in a hotel since she left an abusive domestic situation. Working with our partner Project Homeless Connect and through the generous support of the HandUp donor community, today Nerissa is settling into a new home:

"I'm grateful because when I applied for HandUp, I was really in need. I am excited to let you know that my two sons (now three and five years old) and I were able to get housing and I signed a five-year lease; this is amazing considering how difficult it is to find housing in San Francisco. Today I used the HandUp points I've been saving to pay bills and rent. Now that I'm in a comfortable housing situation, it takes a big stress off my shoulders. Now I am able to focus on my dreams in the new year, it's so exciting! I'm really grateful for your donations and your words of support. I feel that my HandUp experience has been a success, but it's not over. I will not be accepting donations from now on; rather, I want to be the one supporting others. Thank you." — Nerissa

Every donation makes a difference, from helping a family clear debt in starting a new life to supporting the beginning of a sustainable career. Thank you for your contributions.