Happy Father’s Day to Inspiring Dads Everywhere

To the present, past and future dads, thank you for being an inspiration to us! For Father’s Day, read the inspiring stories of the dads on HandUp who are working to achieve big goals in their lives for their families.

You can also dedicate a donation in honor of your own dad and send it to him as a gift for Father’s Day. Learn how here.

Jason is making sure he can safely drive his family every day

“We are both proud SF natives with a beautiful 1-year-old daughter and another baby girl on the way soon to complete our family. A Driver's License will not only help open the door for my being able to obtain a higher-paying job now that I'm in the Union, but also help with safety especially during our housing search, taking care of my pregnant fiancee for her to attend her doctor's appointments”

Ramiro is a brand new dad who is working on a sustainable new career

“I am a 23 year old who became a proud father this February. I graduated from Job Corps with GED certificate and I am currently working at the Union Postal Service. As my current situation with a new family member, my income is limited for housing expenses and not enough for education continuance, and I am sure that i need to do something about to build a better future for my family.”

Philip, a single dad of three, is securing a future for his family

“I am currently living on a limited income, but in the long run this will not sustain my family and I feel taking this class will give me a marketable skill and ultimately enable me to provide for myself and three children and achieve the goal of true self sufficiency.”

Tyrone is securing a stable home for his family

“I have two young boys that should grow up with the security of a home and I want to provide them with the best. Moving forward, I hope to stay strong with my family and find affordable housing. Currently, we are staying together at South Oakland Shelter, until we get back on our feet and find suitable housing.”

Levi is soon to join the Marines to support his 1-year old daughter

“I'm a single father raising a 1 year old, which can at times be tough. Fortunately though, I have a plan in place for how I can make changes in my life and get my daughter and I into a better place in life.”

There are many fathers, families, and others fundraising on HandUp to meet their basic needs. Learn more about other neighbors who could use a hand up here.