HandUp Gift Cards: A New Way to Support Our Homeless Neighbors

That feeling when you walk by a homeless neighbor on the street - you want to help but don’t know how. We’ve felt that too. Two years ago HandUp launched as a way to donate to people in need through our site. What we heard from you, our donors, is that you also wanted a way to give directly on the street. That’s why today we’re excited to announce the launch of HandUp Gift Cards in San Francisco.

When you give a neighbor in need a HandUp Gift Card, you’re giving something more valuable than cash. It also connects them to vital homeless services through our nonprofit partner Project Homeless Connect. Order your cards right now through the HandUp site

How it works

After you order your $25 HandUp Gift Cards, you’ll receive them in the mail with a few tips on how to best engage someone on the street.

Once you give out your Gift Cards, the recipient will bring it to Project Homeless Connect’s drop-in office where 100% goes toward goods and services like groceries or clothing. Not only do they receive the value of the card, but they can also get connected to other vital services.

When the gift card is redeemed, you’ll receive an email notification letting you know how the card was used.

Don’t worry if your card isn’t redeemed - that’s ok. Your donation will go toward the San Francisco Fund supporting neighbors in need across the Bay Area. Why wouldn’t it be redeemed? Read more in our FAQ.

The Impact

Over the past 6 months, the HandUp Team along with our nonprofit partners and others in the San Francisco community have tested Gift Cards out on the streets of the city. The feedback was incredible. One local neighbor experiencing homelessness, Alex, had never heard of Project Homeless Connect and when we went in with his HandUp Gift Card was able to sign up for their dentures program that same day.

Kara Zordel, Executive Director of Project Homeless Connect shared this after seeing a gentleman come in to redeem his Gift Card:

Available Now in San Francisco

HandUp Gift Cards are available starting today in San Francisco at handup.org/gift cards. If you’d like to do more, join us for a city-wide outreach day on 9/11, learn more at www.sfoutreachday.org