HandUp Fundraisers: Quick Start Guide


HandUp Fundraisers are our new peer-to-peer fundraising tool! Fundraisers link to HandUp Campaigns, or personal fundraising pages that nonprofits use to raise money online. That's why before your donors can start fundraising for your cause, it's important for you to set up your HandUp Campaign. Click here for more information about HandUp Campaigns. 

When you launch a HandUp Campaign, the top portion will look something like this:

Under the “About” section of your HandUp Campaign, your donors will see a “Fundraisers” section. By clicking the plus icon they can create a Fundraiser in under 2 minutes! 

Your supporters can edit their Fundraisers to create a personal goal and headline. 

Setting up a Fundraiser is simply, fast, and all donations will be linked directly to your Campaign! 

Steps to get you started:  

  1. Launch a HandUp Campaign

2. Create a list of supporters to reach out to

 3. Ask your supporters to create a HandUp Fundraiser

*Tip: If your supporters need a quick explanation of how they can set up a Fundraiser, send them this video! It will give them a sneak peak of the process in 1 minute.