Giving Tuesday: What it Means to Give Back Today

Giving Tuesday follows Black Friday and Cyber Monday every year. Founded in 2012, this day of giving is now a global movement. It’s a day to celebrate generosity and focus on how we can give back. We believe it's more about just giving to one cause, it's also about celebrating the strength of community. Today is a gateway, where one small act of giving can be the catalyst for changing someone’s life. And one act encourages more small acts of giving that can turn into a powerful force to change many peoples’ lives across the world.

Thank you for giving today. No matter how big or small, it makes a difference. People just like you are making a real impact in the HandUp community.

Like with Julianne, who earlier this year brought her newborn daughter "home" from the hospital to a shelter in San Francisco. With support from HandUp donors, Julianne has raised over $700 to cover basic needs like diapers, childproofing supplies, and groceries. Now having re-established her stability, Julianne will begin classes to receive her accounting degree in January. Nine donors have helped Julianne meet her goals this year - nine individuals who came together to give a local neighbor a HandUp. Learn how you can help here


And for Alvin, who from the help of 20 generous donors, raised over $1,200 for the dental work needed to fix his smile from a previous accident in addition to clothing and other basic needs. Alvin spent time on the street and in a shelter before joining the Salvation Army’s Harbor of Light, where he is focused on the next steps to move his life forward. Now with the confidence he needs. Here’s a recent note from Alvin to his supporters:

”I just wanted to share a photo of my new smile, thank you for all of your support. I am continuing to maintain my smile, still some work to go but I have the confidence to share it with the world. I am now almost 6 months into my program at Salvation Army's Harbor Light, and soon will be getting started with the process of going back to school so I can broaden my horizons.” - Read Alvin’s full update here

Your contribution to a neighbor in need is more than just a small act of giving, it’s giving someone the hope to take the next step. Meet the HandUp community here.