This Valentine’s Day, Send Your Love to Someone in Need

In the most challenging days, a kind note from a stranger can be the uplifting message that helps someone make it to the next day. Often we hear from those fundraising on HandUp, that the words of support our donors send with their contributions are just as valuable as the donation itself. This Valentine’s Day week, together let’s grow our community of love and support by sending a note of kindness to those who need it the most at

Sharing your love can make a world of difference, and it only costs you a few minutes of your time. For someone experiencing poverty or homelessness, knowing that people care can be a critical differentiator.

“As a person who had pretty much lost all hope, I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your support has given me to drive and motivation to move forward with my goal. Your contributions give me a new hope, which is the greatest gift of all.” - Danny


“This week has been one of our toughest in some time...I feel so much love and support, and that's what I really need, it's what really counts. Thank you for being our donor, thank you for your love and support today.” - Julianne



In fact, science shows that love is a fundamental need plus sharing your love actually makes you happier!

Together we can leverage the power of human relationships to make a difference, send your valentines here.