Preview Our 12 Days of Giving!

Like to shake your gifts to guess what’s inside? Then we have something you’re going to love - a preview of our 12 Days of Giving! Each day will present a chance to donate and learn about a worthy cause. It’s our version of an advent calendar but even better because the gift of giving is built right it.

The 12 Days of Giving will officially kick-off on December 12th (easy to remember, right?). Until then, we have a little teaser to get you excited:

Day 1 - Fresh Healthy Food for People Overcoming Homeless

Day 2 - Buying Back Guns to End Street Violence

Day 3 - Spotlight on the Motor City

Day 4 - Care for Homeless Youth and their Furry Friends

Day 5 - The Life Changing Magic of Mental Health Care

Day 6 - Collaborating to End Chronic Veteran Homelessness

Day 7 - Innovation for Housing Transition

Day 8 - A Gift Card to Pay it Forward

Day 9 - Empowerment through Education

Day 10 - Bringing Homeless SF Neighbors Closer to Housing

Day 11 - Holiday Hope For Homeless Families

Day 12 - A Helping Hand for Heroes in Need

Look out for a kick-off email on December 12th with a link to our special 12 Days of Giving Landing page. You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter and our blog for updates through December 23rd.