Embed a HandUp Profile Anywhere with the Embeddable Widget

One of the most powerful parts of HandUp are the personal stories shared from those fundraising to meet their basic needs. What’s incredible to see is how much the donor community wants to share these stories and raise support within their own networks. That’s why we built a really easy way for you to embed a specific member story on your website, blog, or online article.

You can now embed a HandUp profile in three different sizes depending on what fits best! Check out the examples below:

How-to use the widget

On a member’s profile page you’ll see a small embed button below the photo. Click this to select the size you would like to use.

handup widget

Simply copy the embed code shown and paste it wherever you would like to embed the profile. It’s as easy as that!

handup widget code

Now that you’ve got the run-down on this new tool - give it a try! We’d love to see it in action so be sure to share a link of where you’ve posted it. You can tweet us @handup, email us at: info@handup.org, or share it to our facebook.