Touring SF's gritty Tenderloin neighborhood

Deleano Seymour is the writer and performer of this powerful photo essay on the Tenderloin District of San Francisco. He has lived in the Tenderloin for over 3 decades, slept its homeless shelters and eaten in each and every soup kitchen.

On a brisk Friday morning, Deleano gave the HandUp team a phenomenal tour of this infamous San Francisco neighborhood. We visited St. Boniface, a Catholic church where nearly 100 people are able to get much needed rest in the pews each day thanks to the Gubbio project. Del took us past the corner of Turk and Taylor, the most violent street corner in California according to the State Attorney General’s office. We also got to see some of the amazing resources offered by St. Anthony’s- including a medical clinic, soup kitchen, and technology lab. Del took us into GLIDE’s cafeteria, where 60 volunteers serve an average of 2,560 meals every day to hungry San Franciscans.

If you’re interested in exploring a gritty San Francisco neighborhood rich in humanity and history with someone who is deeply connected it, we can’t recommend Del’s Tenderloin Walking Tour enough!

You can find out more on his website here: