Congratulations Rose! Winning The Elfenworks Foundation In Harmony with Hope 2015

Last night we celebrated our CEO Rose Broome who accepted one of this year's In Harmony with Hope awards from The Elfenworks Foundation. This organization focuses on fostering creative and technology solutions to advance change in America. We're honored to see Rose accept this award alongside other incredible individuals, Eric Dawson, Co-founder and President, Peace First; and Ted Gonder, Co-founder and CEO, Moneythink

“HandUp leverages technology and the power of human connection to help those struggling with homelessness to move out of poverty,” said Rose Broome, Co-founder and CEO of HandUp. “These human connections re-ignite hope in people who are often at the lowest points of their lives. The In Harmony with Hope Award exposes the transformational role technology can play in connecting our communities and filling resource gaps through the power of the crowd.”

Read the full press release here. Thank you Elfenworks Foundations for highlighting the work of HandUp and Rose Broome!