Celebrate The Mothers, The Strong, The Compassionate

Mom’s are truly awesome. Often they create the foundation of their family and work hard to give all they can to their little (and grown) ones. This Mother’s Day read the inspiring stories of the mothers on HandUp who are working to achieve big goals in their lives.

You can also dedicate a donation in honor of your own mom and send it to her as a gift for Mother’s Day. Learn how here.

Socha is creating a better life for her children

“My daughters and I have been thankful to work with South Oakland Shelter during our time of need and we are excited that we have been successfully housed and given a fresh start. I recently found out that while I was homeless I was occurring debt. I have to make a down payment of $500 to reinstate my license.”

Carolina strives toward a sustainable career to support her family

“I want to get a job that will give me the essential needs to continue supporting my family. My greatest goal will be to have a home where my family and I will be able to be united and stabilized to continue reaching for our life dreams.”

Marina is keeping her family together and safe

“I want to prepare myself professionally, so I can get a very good job, income, and be able to have stable housing. My most crucial goal moving forward is to keep my children by my side to protect them and see them grow, and for them to receive a better life and education.”

Katelyn is making her new house a home

”My family and I have found housing opportunities, so we would be grateful to anyone willing to help us move into our new apartment. I am working hard to find employment and provide a stable environment for my children and your generosity is appreciated. We are looking forward to beginning a new stage and overcoming our challenges with homelessness.”

Silvia is helping her family look to the future

“Experiencing homelessness has been a challenge for me, but I am focusing on learning from this experience and moving forward, no matter what. After all that is what life is about it.”