Brandon Goes From Homeless to His New Home in Detroit

Brandon, born and raised in Detroit, was walking home from work one day and encountered a violent robbery. His injuries were so bad that the doctors told Brandon it would take up to six months to walk again. Because of this, he lost his job and soon after lost his apartment. 

Luckily Brandon connected with HandUp partner South Oakland Shelter in Detroit who could help him get back up on his feet. Including setting up his profile on HandUp in December of 2014.

His first goal was to raise the security deposit for an apartment, which is something he would need to cover himself even with his affordable housing voucher. A few weeks Brandon was already close to reaching his goal! But even better, Brandon shared that despite doctor's guesses, he was already walking again with a cane.

In February thanks to the support of donors, Brandon redeemed his HandUp donations toward the $800 security deposit for his new apartment - and had a little extra to purchase furniture.

While Brandon waited to move into his new apartment, he needed to maintain the storage fees for all of his belongings. Your contributions made sure he didn't lose family heirlooms and home items by helping cover those costs.

As Brandon gets ready to go back to work this month, he needed just a little help covering past-due utilities he accrued during unemployment. Your donations meant he could stay in the housing that he worked so hard to get. 

Brandon is still fundraising while he transitions back to the work force, give now or follow along with his story by clicking the heart on his profile.