Boost your campaign reach with HandUp referrals

At HandUp, we think about all the different ways that technology can bridge citizens and local causes. A powerful way for a nonprofit to garner support from their community can often be through word of mouth - in fact a personal appeal from a friend is one of the top reasons donors choose to give to nonprofits.

Today we’re excited to launch our referrals tool as a way for nonprofits fundraising on HandUp to track and connect with their donors in a meaningful way, and as way for their donors to see just how much impact they can have by spreading the word.

For nonprofits, a powerful way to engage your supporter base

Nonprofits fundraising on HandUp can already easily see campaign supporters in the dashboard. Now with the referrals tool, you can see how many referrals came in per supporter.

What kinds of things can you do with this data on your campaign supporters?

For donors, a powerful way to inspire others to give

As a donor, you already choose to support an amazing cause! Beyond the dollars, you’re support can make a huge difference to the success of a nonprofit’s campaign just by sharing it with your friends. Now you can see exactly how much social sharing power you have from your donor dashboard.

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