The August Project Homeless Connect Event with a Fresh Batch of Videos From Our Members

Last week Team HandUp joined service providers and organizations from across San Francisco for Project Homeless Connect's PHC 55. This quarterly event gathers resources for homeless people from haircuts to health care to DMV services all in one place.

Attending PHC's events for the past year, we've been able to connect with our members on a regular basis and understand their experience on HandUp. Some members are just beginning to work towards new goals and some are already successfully raising donations towards their basic needs and ways to sustain their livelihoods.

Below are a few members who stopped by to give us an update on their progress, and take a look at photos from the event here. Learn more about their stories below and give someone new in your community a HandUp.

Meet Coy, she's a San Francisco native who experienced many challenges early on in life but is excited for her 60th birthday because “that’s when life really starts.” Coy has been able to use HandUp for donations towards transportation to the doctor and other basic needs.

Meet Mark. a musician and sings with Singers of the Street. He's currently in SRO housing and money gets very tight towards the end of the month. Mark has been able to use HandUp to cover his food and toiletry needs, and is working long term to take a course in grant writing:

Meet Eddie, known as Little Eddie to local San Franciscans, is an artist and poet. He's raising money for a street vendor license so he can sustain income with his art and prints. His work is uniquely San Francisco inspired, learn more about Eddie's talents:

Meet Lesley, a brand new mother of a beautiful baby girl. Lesley is working to move to the next step of her life from the women’s shelter and find secure housing for her new family. She currently needs a mobile phone to help with her job search and other basic needs:

Meet Pamela, part of Singers on the Street and a writer. Pamela isn’t homeless but low income which means there’s not much left after supporting the basics. She is working on writing and publishing a book about her life experience with information on how an older population in need can get help in the city: