Now you can donate with Bitcoins!

Today we’re announcing that you can donate Bitcoins to homeless people through HandUp!

When you make a donation with Bitcoin, 100% of your donation goes straight to our members’ HandUp accounts and can be redeemed on anything from clothing to housing. Our non-profit partners facilitate the whole process and send updates on the members you choose to support. Try it now.

Transactions are handled by Stripe's newly announced Bitcoin support.

So what is HandUp?

HandUp is a tech startup with a social mission. We’ve created a new way to donate directly to homeless people and people in need. We’ve partnered with with some of the most well-respected homeless service organizations in the Bay Area. Members work with our partner organization’s staff to redeem donations for specific items or services that they need. For example, staff may work with members to order winter boots through, pay phone bills online, or send a check for a security deposit. (Learn more)