How to Grinch-Proof Giving Season!

The holiday season brings out the best in us and inspires us all to give a little more to those in need. 

This is a powerful time to connect with your donors and raise awareness. Donors who start giving in December are more dedicated. Over three years, the total amount they give is 52% more than people who start giving in any other month! 

So how do you leverage this time and Grinch-proof your giving season? Well, Stacy Webb of Compass Family Services uses online fundraising campaigns as his secret weapon:

“For us, the basic ‘donate’ page just doesn’t cut it - it’s hard to showcase educational and needs-based information in a meaningful way. That’s why we use HandUp Campaigns to augment our offline fundraising programs and increase our online fundraising efforts.”

Get more of his end of year fundraising tips in this case study!

Extra Stocking Stuffer:  Be ahead of 2017 by setting up an online campaign right now to pair with any offline efforts you are kicking off in the New Year.