Community Partner Highlight: Abode Services

In 1989, a small group of residents formed Abode Services to assist a growing number of families experiencing homelessness in southern Alameda county. 26 years later Abode is one of the leading homeless services providers in the San Francisco Bay Area, serving Alameda, Santa Clara, and Santa Cruz Counties. Abode services believes everyone should have a home, which is why in their mission to end homelessness they focus on 'Housing First'. By making this their proactive approach, Abode Services aims to reduce housing costs for their participants, change government policy to increase affordable housing stock, and continue to develop their own supportive housing units in the community.

Today, they serve more than 4,400 people each year and now many of those people are sharing their stories here on HandUp. It is Abode’s hope that the community members who read these stories will see the difference that housing makes in people's lives – and the difference that their support can make in helping someone escape homelessness.

“Abode Services believes in finding innovative solutions to end homelessness, and HandUp perfectly fits that description. This powerful platform will allow our supporters to hear directly from the people they are helping, and will allow supporters to witness the impact their donations are having on the lives of real people right here in our community.” – Louis Chicoine, Abode Services Executive Director.

We are extremely excited to welcome Abode Services as our newest partner, helping us broaden our reach to more communities around the Bay Area! Check out some of their members and make a difference today!