2015 San Francisco Ballot Propositions Housing and Homelessness Guide

Photo credit:  Theresa Thompso  N

Photo credit: Theresa ThompsoN

This year in San Francisco there are 5 out of 11 propositions on the ballot that impact affordable housing and could have a direct impact on homelessness here in the city. These propositions can be confusing and with so much information out there from both sides of the argument, it can be tough to get the basics on each one. Learn more about these propositions and read information from both sides of the arguments below. The most important thing you can do is understand what each proposition means for the city and go vote! Not registered to vote yet? Visit UpVote to register in minutes.

Proposition A: City of San Francisco Housing Bond Issue

The last successful housing bond was passed by voters in 1996 for $100 million dollars. If this proposition passes, it will give the city a $310 million dollar bond to fund affordable housing programs. Mayor Ed Lee said if re-elected he would use this bond toward building 30,000 units of affordable housing over four years. This proposition does require a two-thirds majority vote, meaning at least two-thirds of voters must approve for it to pass. Read the full description here.

Who supports? Alliance for Jobs and Sustainable Growth, San Francisco Democratic Party, San Francisco Labor Council, San Francisco Tenants Union, Sierra Club

Who opposes? San Francisco Republican Party

Proposition D: City of San Francisco Mission Rock Development Initiative

In June of 2014 voters passed a proposition requiring future voter approval of any zoning height increase along the waterfront. Mission Rock is a proposed development that includes housing units, mixed commercial property and continue to house Anchor Brewery. Of the proposed 1,500 housing units, 40% (recently bumped from 33%) would be for low to middle-income residents. Passing this proposition would increase the height limit from 40 feet to 240 feet, and could potentially create up to 11,000 permanent jobs. Read the full description here.

Who supports? The San Francisco Giants baseball team, The South Beach Mission Bay Business Association, The San Francisco Labor Council

Who opposes? The Sierra Club

Proposition F: City of San Francisco Initiative to Restrict Short-Term Rentals

This proposition is stealing the local media spotlight and is one of the main propositions directly related to housing. Prop F focuses on new restrictions around short-term housing rentals in San Francisco and prohibit the use of ‘in-law’ units for short-term rentals. The restrictions include limited private rentals to 75 nights per year, require paid hotel taxes, and reporting from rental hosts and hosting platforms (like Airbnb, VRBO, etc). There is available data on both sides where short-term rentals are detrimental for affordable housing and availability, and/or positive for the local economy including helping people afford to stay in San Francisco. Read the full description here.

Who Supports? There is a long list for both support and opposition, for supporters: Supervisors including David Campos, Jane Kim, John Avalos, Affordable Housing Alliance, Harvey Milk LGBT Club, Housing Rights Committee of San Francisco. (Full list)

Who Opposes? SF Democratic Party, SF Republican Party, Lt Governor Gavin Newsom, SF Chamber of Commerce, Supervisors Mark Farrell, Scott Wiener, Assembly member David Chiu. (Full list)

Proposition I: City of San Francisco Mission District Housing Moratorium Initiative

This proposition would put an 18-month moratorium on the construction of large housing projects in the Mission District, which is defined by any housing project larger than five units. The purpose of this proposition is to stop development and re-zoning (with the exception of any 100% affordable housing projects) to allow the city to develop a neighborhood stabilization plan which includes the ability to purchase land specifically for affordable housing developments. Read the full description here.

Who Supports? Supervisor David Campos, Supervisor Jane Kim, The Committee to Save the Mission, San Francisco Labor Council, Coalition on Homelessness, see the full list here

Who Opposes? The San Francisco Housing Action Coalition, The San Francisco Alliances for Jobs and Sustainable Growth, Supervisors Scott Wiener, Mark Farrell, Julie Christensen, see the full list here

Proposition K: City of San Francisco Housing Development on Surplus Public Lands

Currently, policy allows the city to sell surplus public land and use the proceeds to construct affordable housing though using that land for affordable housing to those earning up to 60% of median income. This proposition would expand the income levels of housing developments to include affordable units for those who are homeless to those with incomes lower than 55% of median income. It would also require 15 percent of units in developments on surplus city property be made affordable to those earning 55 percent of the area's median income or less, 18 percent of units to be made available to people with incomes equal to or less than 120 percent of the median income, plus other provisions that facilitate prioritization of affordable housing. Read the full description here.

Who Supports?  Supervisor Jane Kim, the San Francisco Labor Council, The San Francisco Examiner, and The San Francisco Chronicle

Who Opposes? The San Francisco Tax Payers Association

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