Community Partner Highlight: Mission Economic Development Agency

Mission Economic Development Agency MEDA goes beyond emergency support for low-income Latino families - they provide the opportunity to develop asset management skills that drive long-term success. Since 1973, Latino families struggling with poverty come to MEDA for programs that teach financial literacy, workforce development, tax preparation, technology services and more.

“Two-thirds of our clients are immigrants looking for their piece of the American Dream,” says Christopher Gil, Senior Content Marketing Manager at MEDA. “We provide the opportunity to achieve it.”

Working with HandUp, MEDA will be able to mobilize the community of The Mission (in San Francisco) and beyond to support others in need. MEDA is committed to ensuring these families can maintain their livelihood here in San Francisco and we’re excited to provide HandUp as means to meet their financial goals. Learn more about MEDA’s members here on HandUp and how you help them reach their American Dream