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Red Victorian Lecture: Homelessness on Haight

Walking one night in San Francisco, Rose Broome saw a woman sleeping on the street shivering under a thin blanket. At that moment she felt powerless - why can we pull out our phone to call a car or order groceries, but we can’t use that same technology to help someone in need? What started as a small idea in that moment grew to become HandUp - a startup that helps you donate directly to individual homeless people and other neighbors in need in your community, founded by Rose and her friend Zac Witte. Now HandUp is making an impact across the United States with locations around the Bay Area as well as Detroit and Salt Lake City.

Come hear about Rose’s journey of launching HandUp, the stories of people who’ve fundraised on on the site, and a bit about the history of homelessness in San Francisco.

Drinks at 8pm, talk starts at 8.30pm.